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>Were in the middle of taking an older 144th rx178 and bulding a
>sholder mounted communications and manuvering platform using
>parts from the f-90 kit comtaining the three seperate
>weapons/manuvering systems, and a set of antennas from an old
>snaptite comsat kit.

        I've actually been thinking along the same lines, but my base kit is the
old Zeta GM kit. I have been thinking of using my spare F90 stuff as well,
along with a lot of spare parts and such.
        Could we trade info on how you plan to use your parts, and how I plan to
use mine?
        I've been thinking of using the zetalike F90's shoulder systems, and some
other sensor kit stuff from some aircraft kits I have lying around...but I
don't know how to go from there. Have also included some more stuff from
teh f90 minovsky type, as well as some spare parts and boosters from old
kits...but I plan to use newer hands and weapons, perhaps from the 08ms
leftovers I have...

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