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>And if you were out of ammo, you retreat, in RL (and often in Gundam),
>out of ammo is not a big deal for fighters because you are rarely trapped
>behind enemy line.

        Let's use a better analogy than fighters and MSes. Back when I was
in the army (compulsory conscription here, doh. =), we got issued 6 spare
magazines of 30 rounds for the M16 (plus the one already in the gun, of
course), plus we got 2 grenades each. So, a total of 210 rounds per person.

        Scale it to Gundam, and each Zaku should carry.. uhm, 2 to three
spare drums? Of course, 6 extra clips for the MMP-80. Gundams and GMs should
really be carrying 2 to 3 spare E-clips, since a single beam shot can kill a
MS, whereas you'll normally need a few rounds from a ballistic weapon to do
the same.

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