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Hey, that was really good advice. Heh, I should try that sometime! Thanks!!

Quatre no Miko

> I've encountered these idiots more times than I care to remember, but
>avoiding the place is no way to get back at them...the last time a sales
>person did that to me, I went straight to the manager/owner and asked him
>about the stuff I was looking for. When he asked why, I told him that his
>salesperson was a bitch. And then I plopped down my money for a diecast
>mazinger Z, which was my objective all along. They couldn't refuse a
>paying customer who had been actually very polite except for calling the
>salesperson a bitch. So I walked out happy, and the next time i was there,
>the salesperson was nowhere to be found. Transferred to the toilet
>fixtures department, from what I hear (it was a department store).
> In all my favorite gundam kit shops, I make sure to be really nice to the
>salespeople, trading stories and all that, so that they'll be on my side.
>It's the only way to get what you want sometimes...I was able to reserve my
>Nu-Gundam 1/100 by being nice to the salesclerk.
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