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Thu, 29 Jul 1999 18:46:10 -0700 (PDT)

--- gerald koo <> wrote:
> hi guys
> i have juz stumbled upon this novel idea of using a sharp toothpick
> to
> paint those fine line and hard to reach the eyes
> diping the toothpick tip into the paint ..and then paint it on the
> surface..
> have anyone here tried that b4?...

yep.. i've tried that before. for the fine lines it doesn't work that
well because toothpick doesn't absorb paint, so sooner o later, you're
going to have a glut of paint on the fine lines.. what i do is i
pre-color the fine lines using a permanent marker, then paint over the
area surrounding the lines with an almost-dry brush.. using an
almost-dry brush keeps you from painting over the niches, and you get
really sharp black edges. it's a different story for modellers who
airbrush though..

As for the eyes, you don't get that 'glowing eyes' look with just
paint. so what i do is i first use a marker to color the entire face
black, then paint chrome on the eyes (which is quite easy because the
eyes usually protrude), again with an teeny-tiny almost-dry brush..
when the chrome paint dries, i use a green marker over the silver

of course i've left out the 'hands shaking like crazy' portion..
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