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>>> (BTW- the aug. Newtype has a cool Gouf Custom
>>> poster inside)
>> I got that, too. Very cool pose, isn't it? :)
> Is there a pic of this really cool poster on line?

Well, the Kadokawa Shoten's website (Newtype's
publisher) does not put the poster on-line (of course,
or else nobody buys their mags :), but click on this
link (you need shift-JIS encoding to browse the
Japanese characters):

you can check out the 08/99 contents of 'Newtype'
magazine, which listed an item "bonus poster for 'The
08th MS Team', which is the Gouf Custom poster we were
referring to...

Also, Kadokawa has joined the model mags war to rival
HJ ("Hobby Japan") and Mediaworks ("Dengeki Hobby")
with their new mags, "Character Model":

The 1st issue (09/99) features head-to-head comparison
betwwen the recent Turn-A model series and Gundam

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