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On Thu, 29 Jul 1999, Richie Ramos wrote:
> Yes, exactly! A normal zaku will have that machine gun and
> maybe an extra drumclip, but that's it. I would load a zaku with a
> machine gun, a bazooka, another bazooka mounted on the right binder,
> an extra clip for the gun, a heat axe, and maybe some missile pods on
> the legs...that would look overdressed, but at least it wouldn't be
> lacking in weaponry.

But how many MS do you expect to shoot down on a sortie? I suspect if you
look at the stats in any air war from WW1 to Kosovo, the typical no. is
less than 1. Even Aces on a regular sortie can't expect to face 8 or 10
boggies. If the odds are bad, you back down, having a million ammo won't
help if you don't survive long enough to use them. And if you were
out of ammo, you retreat, in RL (and often in Gundam), out of ammo is not
a big deal for fighters because you are rarely trapped behind enemy line.
Also I remember an F-18 has enough slugs for the pilot to squeeze the
trigger for a total of 20 seconds or something like that. A little
different from the Kampfer philosophy.

Of course you do have Rambo-type mission and you have special assualt
forces, and you have your fully-loaded F-15 bomber. So I agree Kampfer
makes perfect sense. But full-loading Zakus or Gelgoog for regular
sorties doesn't make sense. If you double your weight (and mass) with
extra weapons and ammo, you probably won't survive 10 seconds after you
run into the first interceptor. In the opening of 0080, a special team
punch all the way through a Fed base with superior MS which are nontheless
armed normally.

Again it goes back to Gundam being somewhere halfway between fantasy and
RL. In Gundam, even secondary characters such as Kai and Emma gets to
finish off 3 to 5 boggies per appearance, that kind of exploits would earn
a RL pilot legendary status.

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