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> >Alright. I've never seen the 0083 OVA. (Though I sorely want
> to.) I just
> >picked up vol2 of the manga because 1 wasn't there.
> >
> >What is a Zaku doing stomping around with Gundams and GMs?
> >
> >Just curious. {g}
> The war has been over for three years. The Federation took
> over all of the
> old Zeon weapons and used them to supplement their own. The junior
> officers at the Torrington base are given the Zaku while
> their betters get
> GM.

The purpose of the Zaku is for the senior officiers (who are the one testing
out new Fed equipments) to have something to shoot at.

> (At the end of the series, Chuck Keith shows up in a Gelgoog!)

A Gelgoog Marine (similiar, if not the same as Cima's crew).

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