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> Hmmm. I may have to update my discussion of this and mention the
> possibility of icy or frosted glass, although I'll stick by my conclusion
> that filling the "sky" with a fixed volume of water is the best all-around
> solution.
> -Z-

I agree with the idea of covering the glass panels with water, and even the
possibility of an ice covering, but I still don't believe that a giant flat
foot could slide smoothly enough over ice to effective "skate." Besides,
light will only keep the panels from dropping below 40 Kelvin, which is way
below the freezing point of water, so a frozen layer is very realistic. The
problem I see with an ice layer covering the "light" panels of a habitat is
that ice should diffuse incoming light to the point where no external view
would be available. So, none of those spy shots from outside of a colony. On
the other hand, the reflecting mirrors should collect more than enough heat
from the reflected light to keep any water on the panels from dropping below
freezing. But an ice covering should simulate those beautiful blue skies we
keep seeing inside of the colonies.

Of course, that's just my thoughts.


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