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> I had a different interpertation for the Zakus in 0083. The confiscated
> Zeon equipments were mostly scraped, but a number were kept for research
> and training purposes. And that's the Zaku you saw in 0083, because the
> main characters came from a testing and training facility. And throughout
> 0083 the main characters got to keep using their oddball equipment because
> they were themselves an oddball bunch. Can this interpertation stands ok
> with you folks?

    One word, OPFOR (Opposing Force). The US Army's 11th Armored Cavalry
    Regiment at Ft Irwin has a limited number of Soviet vehicles (and the rest
of their
    fleet dressed up to look like them, at least barely). Since this was a test
    makes a little sense for them to have the real thing to test new designs,
    against. Of course, I guess you have to assume they stay a test unit after
the Delaz
    conflict since Keith has a Geelgog Marine then.

    Neil Baumgardner

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