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On Thu, 29 Jul 1999, Y. Choe wrote:
> > The real question is why weren't there any captured Musai at the
> > Naval Review?
> I got two words for ya:
> Scrap Metal.
> I don't think any admirals in Fed would like to see a battleship from the
> other side, for logisitics or for idealism. After all, Zions are rebels,
> and heaven forbid, the Feds use Rebel ships.

Right, I think that's pretty reasonable. Take a RL analogy, the Viet
Congs merrily used American guns and tanks, but no Yankee pilot will be
caught dead flying a Mig.

I had a different interpertation for the Zakus in 0083. The confiscated
Zeon equipments were mostly scraped, but a number were kept for research
and training purposes. And that's the Zaku you saw in 0083, because the
main characters came from a testing and training facility. And throughout
0083 the main characters got to keep using their oddball equipment because
they were themselves an oddball bunch. Can this interpertation stands ok
with you folks?

(OTOH, there were so much oddity in 0083, I can't bother to sort
everything out)

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