Y. Choe (cmaster@ucla.edu)
Thu, 29 Jul 1999 14:47:18 -0700

Did that, but not enough response...

However, if you want, you can still send me articles. I'm still working on
the fourth (!?! After all this time, only fourth issue, damn I'm lazy)
issue, and will accept reviews, articles, etc.

>Ya know......since people on the list here buy kits anyway,why dont you
take >reviews by those who build em,put em up with consent of course,and
>Gunpra.org running that way hmmm? You can even have regular folks(i can
>imagine a little article called Praying Mantis Prose by our friend Probe.
>knows what wackiness can erupt if you start adding in stuff from other

Y. "Mr. Gunpra.org" Choe

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