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On Thu, 29 Jul 1999, Vince Leon wrote:
> Since I can't really read japanese too, I would really like to find out
> more about the Zaku MS-00 on this page. All I can tell is that it is a
> 1/100 scratch build. Does it say anything about being released later as a
> garage kit? Thanks.
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Ok I was waiting for someone who actually knows Japanese to answer this
properly. But I guess I should give my partial answer (based on the
Chinese and some Katakana) before people get unnecessarily excited about
some "future release".

This page is the the "2nd Model? Competition" (something like that). The
"Big Prize" (which is higher than Gold) is the Zaku MS-00. If I guess
right, those 2 buckets on the back are Minovsky Particle Dispensor (weird
eh?). The "Gold Prize" is a Black Tri-Star Zaku high mobility type. The
"Silver Prize" goes to a very mean RX-77 Guncannon. Somehow this guy
reminds me of Heavy Metal (comic magazine) rather than Gundam. Another
"Silver" goes to the Gocg Final Version (Hygog Prototype), it's very cool,
but the colors are weird. The "Bronze Prize" goes to a heavy assualt type
Gelgoog and a Palace Athene (Full Armsament (sic)).

Oh yeah, everything is 1:100, the Zakus and Gelgoog are heavily modified
and bashed from MG kits, the rest are probably scratch built.

These were all featured in a Hobby Japan issue, maybe May or June.

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