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> What about that blade? I haven't seen the series, so

> i don't it a heatblade?

yes, it's a heat sabre, although it's not quite as
dramatic as the Dom's heat sword in the OVA, in which
the Dom hands heat up the sword & the rod glows into
bright yellow color!! Throughout the show, the Gouf's
sabre didn't change color, just stay in dull-black.

> and is that grapple line electrified?

GC's 'heat rope', or 'electric whip' as we used to
know in 0079, is not only 'electrifying' but also a
versatile survival tool. The rope's end has a suction
hook which can grip on any solid surface for GC to use
the rope to do different things: dragging down a Core
Booster, doing a 'cliff-hangar' on top and inside of a
multi-storey building; pull off Gundam's arm shield,
paralyzing your opponent (and his/her MS) with a jolt
of electricity, etc. In short, the 'heat rope' is GC's
very own Swiss Army knife.

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