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> The GK kit shows the Guntank's back opened up,
> showing the store of ammunition. There are two arms
> that seem to be used to reload the big shoulder
> Does the Guntank have to remain in this vulnerable
> position to fire it's guns, or does the back open up

> just to replenish the ammo stores?

the back opens up occasionally after firing for better
ventilation, or normally, for reloading ammos. Since
there are MSs to guard them in the OVA, the GT's can
"open up" a little once in a while.

> (BTW- the aug. Newtype has a cool Gouf Custom poster
> inside)

I got that, too. Very cool pose, isn't it? :)

There's one mistake on the poster: it states that the
Gouf Custom armours are made with Luna Titanium, but
iirc, only Feds' MSs uses luna titanium during the
OYW, & Zeons is still using high tensile steel on most
of its MSs & MAs, including the Gouf series.

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