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(mass pro Guntank in "08th MS Team" OVA)
> I can understand the use of a guntank...that thing
> will have to be defended by a team of close combat
> MS's, as well as one or two medium range MS's.
> Perhaps about three GM's with various weapons
> will do, then have a core fighter/booster flying as
> point...

in the OVA, the 3 Guntanks were guarded by the 08th MS
Team, with target locations and data being fed by the
Hovertruck's personnal.

In the openings, squadrons of the Feds' "Jet Core
Booster" were seen bombing the Zeon mountain base.

> I can imagine a Gouf working in threes, supported
> perhaps by a Dom or two, or some Zakus.

Seeing the lone Gouf Custom taking on the 08 MS Team +
the Guntanks is an exception, because Norris Packard
is an ace pilot. Like you said, MS are formed in teams
to carry out missions, like a team of Zakus and Doms
tried in vain to take out the 08MS Team before Norris
& his Gouf walked to the mainstage.

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