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> I've encountered these idiots more times than I care to remember, but
> avoiding the place is no way to get back at them...the last time a sales
> person did that to me, I went straight to the manager/owner and asked him
> about the stuff I was looking for. When he asked why, I told him that his
> salesperson was a bitch. And then I plopped down my money for a diecast
> mazinger Z, which was my objective all along. They couldn't refuse a
> paying customer who had been actually very polite except for calling the
> salesperson a bitch. So I walked out happy, and the next time i was there,
> the salesperson was nowhere to be found. Transferred to the toilet
> fixtures department, from what I hear (it was a department store).

I'm a consumer, and a paying customer. If I'm treated rudely by a store
employee, I try to inform that persons manager of why I'm choosing to do my
business elsewhere. I then hand said manager the list of items I had intended
to buy, and tell said manger that this is a sale his/her store lost because
his/her employee was very rude. And then I never go back. I also inform every
person I deal with in the same hobby about the rude treatment I recieved at
said store, and suggest that they do not use that services, either.

It's not a question for politeness on my part, because I'm always very polite
when I deal with people in business transactions. It's more of a question of
why should I put up with bad service for no reason? Why should I backdown if
I'm the customer? I didn't invite the rudeness, so I see no reason for
rudeness to be used by others dealing with me.

> In all my favorite gundam kit shops, I make sure to be really nice to the
> salespeople, trading stories and all that, so that they'll be on my side.
> It's the only way to get what you want sometimes...I was able to reserve my
> Nu-Gundam 1/100 by being nice to the salesclerk.

I've never had any problems with game stores, comic book stores, and model
stores, since those sorts of business know not to alienate their customer
(for the most part). It's the specialized hobby stores that tend to deal with
a very small customer base that seem to have trouble responding politely to
possible new business. And for that, I cannot forgive.


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