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>> >Mobile Suit Gundam The RPG
>> This reminds me, of how much use is this? Is it entirely in english or does
>> it have some English bits as well?
>I'm not entirely certain, but it's not a true RPG, IIRC. More a
>Strategy game with RPG elements.

Quite the opposite, in fact. I have both the regular and special editions,
as well as the (only?) supplement. The game is a simple (if dated) RPG, with
the typical 90's RPG plethora of background info rather than huge volumes of
detailed rules. The only detail is really in the MS specs, but even there
the game is handled abstractly (without a map) and uses a simple
to-hit/to-dodge armor-subtracts-from-damage system. I don't think it handles
mass engagements, nor wide disparity in pilot skills all that well. I
haven't tested it, but I suspect you'd have a hard time recreating many of
Amuro's best fights.

The RPG is supported by (surprise!) RPG magazine, in which nearly every
issue I've seen there's some kind of scenario, variant, or background

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