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to the brass, i suppose, it's better to lose an underequipped mecha than an
overequipped one. it's more economical. considering that in a full-scale
engagement, mechs probably won't ever go through half their ammo before
getting blown up anyway...(unless they're piloted by pivotal main characters

anyway, i loved the last lines of dialogue in 0080:

"hey al, don't cry! there'll be another war and it's gonna be bigger and
cooler than the last one!"

a beatifully done ova it is!


> >Oh. That sounds more like overloaded or something. But, really, why
> >you send a monsterous, expensive mech into battle with one machine gun
> >no extra clips? That's like pictures of F-5s I used to see that had two
> >sidewinders and an internal gatling gun. Big whoop, maybe it knocks out
> >three enemies but more likely it would kill one badguy and be nude in
> >than 5 minutes of fighting. If they go to the trouble of designing a
> >scale machine gun for the mech they should at the least load it up with 5
> >or 10 extra clips. How many rounds in a clip? Sounds like they were
> >loaded in the original series to me. That used to bother the shit out of
> >me when I watched Robotech as a kid, the main machine gun for the
> >were supposed to only hold 200 rounds of ammo. What good is that? A
> >brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrps and the thing is empty.
> >Alfred.
> Yes, exactly! A normal zaku will have that machine gun and maybe an extra
>drumclip, but that's it. I would load a zaku with a machine gun, a
>bazooka, another bazooka mounted on the right binder, an extra clip for the
>gun, a heat axe, and maybe some missile pods on the legs...that would look
>overdressed, but at least it wouldn't be lacking in weaponry.
> That's always been my beef with some designs, the fact that weapons wise
>they are really worse off. The Geara Doga and the Kampfer are good ideas
>for MS's carrying enough weaponry. Another complaint would be the lack of
>backup concealed weaponry...which i think is a good way to take care of
>certain situations.
> Of course, there is the argument of having lightly armed but fast mechs
>who can dodge and weave and then use their specialized weapons to knock out
>the enemy, but then, I would consider that more for special operations
>rather than actual combat MS's.
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