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>"0079" really did the Gouf no justice, only Renba Ral
>demonstrated how good Gouf can do as a close combat
>MS; the other time, the MS-07B were just cannon
>fodders like the ground combat Zakus.
>As for the mass-pro Guntank in "08mst", they r full-on
>long-range artillery MS, at the expense of thinner
>armors (due to mass-pro purpose) & low mobility. in
>one word, a sitting duck.

        I can understand the use of a guntank...that thing will have to be
defended by a team of close combat MS's, as well as one or two medium range
MS's. Perhaps about three GM's with various weapons will do, then have a
core fighter/booster flying as point...
        I can imagine a Gouf working in threes, supported perhaps by a Dom or two,
or some Zakus.

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