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>>"0079" really did the Gouf no justice, only Renba Ral
>>demonstrated how good Gouf can do as a close combat
>>MS; the other time, the MS-07B were just cannon
>>fodders like the ground combat Zakus.
>Yeah... the Gouf started to suck after Ramba Ral was no
>longer in its cockpit, until now. I still remember the
>days when people laughed at the Gouf on the GML, but now
>it's almost uncool to dislike it!
>>As for the mass-pro Guntank in "08mst", they r full-on
>>long-range artillery MS, at the expense of thinner
>>armors (due to mass-pro purpose) & low mobility. in
>>one word, a sitting duck.
>Sitting duck it is. It was designed to be a long range support unit,
>and in 08th MS Team you do see it being escorted by GMs and Gundams,
>so that justifies its thinner armor and low mobility.

I've been wondering about the masspro Guntank. The GK kit shows the
Guntank's back opened up, showing the store of ammunition. There are two
arms that seem to be used to reload the big shoulder guns. Does the Guntank
have to remain in this vulnerable position to fire it's guns, or does the
back open up just to replenish the ammo stores?


(BTW- the aug. Newtype has a cool Gouf Custom poster inside)

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