Oliver Barder (barder@btinternet.com)
Thu, 29 Jul 1999 10:39:17 +0100

>>Seen stuff about this, looks to be rather good...
>From the clips all I can tell is it looks like a pumped up version of
>Blue Destiny, taking advantage of the Dreamcast's muscle, but offering
>little else that is new.

Blue Destiny was a damn good game, albeit a little too short and a bit

>>BTW did you check out "Master of Arena" eventually?
>Nope. Haven't really touched my PlayStations after I got the Dreamcast...
>would be cool if Bandai came out with a Gundam shooter like The House of the
>Dead 2... yeah! Blasting away at Zakus or GMs!

"Master of Arena" is utterly incredible. There is so much more to the game
than the originals offered...


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