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>> Put simply, the cylinder colonies are built to simulate Earth's gravity, so
>> it's not any more likely for an MS to fly/hover within a colony than it is
>> for an MS to fly/hover on Earth.
>> tby
>If an MS is not moving with the colony, it could indeed simulate flight with
>very little effort. Thrusting at an upward angle against the rotation of the
>colony would put you closer to the colony's center, and reduce your general
>velocity in respect to the colony's rotation. Your MS would at that be
>"flying." If the Kempfer with moving against the colony's rotation, it would
>need only enough thruster to produce a relatively low ground-effect in order
>to "hover" along the city streets as we see in 0080. As to the Zaku-Kai vs
>Alex hovering-skating all over the place, ground effect could come into play
>with respect to the quartz panels, and reduced centrifugal force at "higher"
>elevations would increase the effectiveness of the MSs' foot thrusters to
>achieve roughly the same effect when the Zaku-Kai and Alex fought in the
>mountains. At least, that's how I would explain it.

Y'know, I *deliberately* avoid thinking about things like this in order to
protect my sanity.


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