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Wed, 28 Jul 1999 20:04:53 -0700

>> Has anybody on the list tried using works for the suspension of RC Cars? I
>> know the parts are sold seperately, and I've tried asking about them at
>> corner hobby store, but as soon as the clerk realizes I'm not looking to
>> buy a car he finds something more important to do than talk to me. #_#
>They're all like that it seems. I buy so much crap to use in modeling that
>with just a little curtesy, I'd be a customer of theirs for life. But in
>every hobby store I go into, they clerks always find something "better"
>things to do rather than help me find the parts I want. I had to get a
>to teach me some of terminology that RC hobbyists use so I could get better
>service from those scum sucking bastards at the RC hobby store. That's way I
>order stuff over the Internet, now. If they'd rather not have 10% of my net
>income a year as a customer, I say

I certainly sympathise, but do you have a suggestions on what kind of RC
parts can be used for joints?

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