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> Hello everyone out there, I was just trying out to built my first scratch-
> built model, modelled after the Hygog. I was thinking of adding some
> especially on the hands, legs and waist. Other than buying those rubber
> joints or using metal wires, is there anyway of scratch-building joints,
> the claws, the very flexible arm and some basic joints on the leg? Thanks
> any comments.

Springs suddenly spring to mind! I have a lot of resin kits that use springs
as joints for fingers and armor shirts, so I see no reason why you couldn't
use springs for any non-rotating joints you might need for your model. As to
rotating joints, try using swivel joints used in jewelry and fishing. Another
odd but useful joint idea is rubber bands. As a kid, I use to build all sorts
of posable figures with card board tubes and rubber bands.

Give those ideas a try, and tell us what worked for you.


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