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> Both the Zaku FZ and the Gundam NT-1 do the "roller skate" thing across the
> "sky" panel of the Libot colony. This is an expanse of quartz glass
> blocks, 32 km long and 3.2 km wide, that's as slick as, well, glass. The
> MS didn't need to hover; they could "ice skate" in this case, using their
> backpacks or even just the colony's own rotation (which givees the
> antispinward side of the sky panel a permanent "downhill slope" with a 10%
> gradient) for forward thrust.
> -Z-

Glass doesn't act physically like ice, so you can really "skate" on it. But
give your MS a little thrust for your foot thrusters and you could glide like
an Air Hockey puck.


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