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> ...But, really, why would you send a monsterous,
> expensive mech into battle with one machine gun and
> no extra clips?... If they go to the trouble of
> designing a large scale machine gun for the mech
> should at the least load it up with 5 or 10 extra
> clips. How many rounds in a clip? Sounds like they

> were under loaded in the original series to me. That

> used to bother the shit out of me when I watched
> Robotech as a kid, the main machine gun for the
> Veritechs were supposed to only hold 200 rounds of
> ammo. What good is that? A couple
> brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrps and the
> thing is empty.

that's exactly the case in "0080", in which the
magazines for GM's 90mm machine guns r just the paltry
20 rounds, so they better carry a few spares if they
don't wanna get killed in no time.

The 1:100 MG "Dom" shows that it can clip on a 90mm
machine gun + spare magazines when it carries the
hyper bazooka by hand. it better be, 'cos the hyper
bazooka only has 5 rounds & after that the Doms r left
to their own devices.

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