Y. Choe (cmaster@ucla.edu)
Wed, 28 Jul 1999 19:03:31 -0700

>What you are saying might be correct, but gravity is not created by
>rotation. Our earth has gravity because of its mass. Any two objects with
>mass attract each other. The amount of force is depended on the amount of
>mass on either side. The amount of mass on earth creats gravitational
>so that we can stay on earth. The amount of mass in sun and in earth makes
>them attract each other so that earth will always rotate around the sun,
>going farther apart. (Any one interested can read about gravitational
>in any first year school Physics textbook)

Ah! But the rotation of the colony creates force that simulates gravity
through the magic of centrifugal force. But I digress, there are forces in
the colony, albeit non gravitational, that keeps Mobile Suits, among other
things, on the "ground" and not flying off into the void of space.

For more details as on how "gravity" works in space colony, they are well
advised to look into -Z-'s High Frontier Website:


and visit your local library!

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