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>What you are saying might be correct, but gravity is not created by
>rotation. Our earth has gravity because of its mass. Any two objects with
>mass attract each other. The amount of force is depended on the amount of
>mass on either side. The amount of mass on earth creats gravitational force
>so that we can stay on earth. The amount of mass in sun and in earth makes
>them attract each other so that earth will always rotate around the sun, not
>going farther apart. (Any one interested can read about gravitational force
>in any first year school Physics textbook)

No, rotation does not create Gravity, but it does create
centripital/centrifigal force(I can never remember which one). In any case,
the c-force imitates the effects of gravity, in this case pulling objects
in the cylinder toward the inner surface; that's why the populated area of
the cylinder rotates. The hub containing the spacedocks doesn't, simply
because the docks are simpler to operate without "gravity".

>Back to the topic, given the fact that the gravitational force on moon is a
>lot lesser (like 1/6, I think) than on earth and the mass of a colony is
>lesser than the mass of moon, I guess that is why the gravity on the colony
>is a lot smaller than on earth.

The "gravity" created by the spinning colony is likely closer to the
Earth's than the Moon's, since it was created for the comfort of the Human
population(who, of course, evolved to live in Earth's gravity, not freefall
or microgravity). The colonies use c-force to create the *effect* of
gravity, it's not actual gravity and isn't based on the mass of the
colonies. For the purposes of discussing the thrust needed hover or fly in
colonies, the c-force has the same role as gravity normally would.

Put simply, the cylinder colonies are built to simulate Earth's gravity, so
it's not any more likely for an MS to fly/hover within a colony than it is
for an MS to fly/hover on Earth.


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