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>What you are saying might be correct, but gravity is not created by
>rotation. Our earth has gravity because of its mass. Any two objects with
>mass attract each other. The amount of force is depended on the amount of
>mass on either side. The amount of mass on earth creats gravitational force
>so that we can stay on earth. The amount of mass in sun and in earth makes
>them attract each other so that earth will always rotate around the sun, not
>going farther apart. (Any one interested can read about gravitational force
>in any first year school Physics textbook)

I think he's talking about centripicle (I hope that's spelled right)
force. Where-as the rotating mass forces the objects inside to the
outside. Like Space Odyssey: 2001 where the guy runs around inside, along
the inside. Though, I think you would still need an outside gravitional
force for this to work. I should really pay more attention in class.

    - Mr. Nice Guy

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