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>Nightingale wrote:
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> > --- jorgelee <jorgelee@goplay.com> wrote:
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> > > 4) Does Zaku have the capability to hover like a Dom
> > > Troupe? Bernie's FZ did in its' battle with Alex. I
> > > remember seeing the Africa Corp Zaku in 0083 as well
> >
> > > the 08MST Zaku doing the hovering thing as well.
> >
> > Remember, all the in-door fighting in 0080 were taken
> > place inside the space colony, where the gravity can
> > be varied and adjustable. The best example is when Al
> > snicked into the spaceport to take pictures of the
> > NT-1 Alex's cargos, he was literally floating on air
> > while holding on the slide handle en route. Also, when
> > Kampfer was moving at high speed in the downtown area,
> > it was floating on mid-air propelled by its rocket
> > thrusters. The same thing happened for Bernie's Zaku.
> > On the Earth atmosphere, though, these space-combat
> > MSs cannot hover like Dom or Dom Tropen, unless their
> > equipments were adjusted to do so.
> >
>Actually, the spaceports of the colonies do not rotate, so they are
>essentially in a state of near zero gravity. That's why lift grips are
>used inside the spaceports. However, the point about the gravity in the
>rest of the colony being variable is still valid. As for the Kampher, I
>believe that it may have enough thrust to pull this off in earth normal
>Christopher Beilby
>Gundam_Wiz of Gundam MUSH (gundam.jafa.net port 9999)

What you are saying might be correct, but gravity is not created by
rotation. Our earth has gravity because of its mass. Any two objects with
mass attract each other. The amount of force is depended on the amount of
mass on either side. The amount of mass on earth creats gravitational force
so that we can stay on earth. The amount of mass in sun and in earth makes
them attract each other so that earth will always rotate around the sun, not
going farther apart. (Any one interested can read about gravitational force
in any first year school Physics textbook)

Back to the topic, given the fact that the gravitational force on moon is a
lot lesser (like 1/6, I think) than on earth and the mass of a colony is
lesser than the mass of moon, I guess that is why the gravity on the colony
is a lot smaller than on earth.


P.S. Sorry, it does sounds like it is related to Gundam very much.

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