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> So the next question is, With the exception of the Psychickers, Where did
> the psychics go? Yes I realize this is a tv show, and couldn't addres
> everything in society. But If a major plotpoint is that man evolved to a
> higher level while in space, and as a result displays strange bew mental
> prowess, it would seem that a natural enemy, or even ally would be the
> thousands od supposed psychics on earth, who have till this point been
> totally discounted. It also seems that with societys acceptance of the
> newtype abilitys as fact, Psychics might have an easyer time of it? Anyway,
> hope never to see "the Newtype friends network"

The ending of Gundam X has got me thinking along these same lines. When it
was said that there are no New Types, could that have meant that what people
in Gundam were calling New Type were actually just "normal" psychics in
violent situations?


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