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> Subject: Re: [gundam] Comments on 0080

> Sorry, but my understanding about overdesigned was that they had so
> weapons and all other sorts of stuff, unlike the simple weapons combos of
> the older ones. I've noticed that specialk MS's tend to have either a
> really powerful weapon, or have a lot of "goodies" -- all sorts of backup
> weapons and abilities.
> I may be wrong, but It's what came to my mind when I was thinking of
> 0080 time...I mean, look at the Zaku FZ...grenade launcher/90mm, extra
> clips...the Kampfer, which has enough weapons for what seems to be three
> MS's. I dunno if I got the ifea of overdesigned right, but that's what I
> thought...

Oh. That sounds more like overloaded or something. But, really, why would
you send a monsterous, expensive mech into battle with one machine gun and
no extra clips? That's like pictures of F-5s I used to see that had two
sidewinders and an internal gatling gun. Big whoop, maybe it knocks out
three enemies but more likely it would kill one badguy and be nude in less
than 5 minutes of fighting. If they go to the trouble of designing a large
scale machine gun for the mech they should at the least load it up with 5
or 10 extra clips. How many rounds in a clip? Sounds like they were under
loaded in the original series to me. That used to bother the shit out of
me when I watched Robotech as a kid, the main machine gun for the Veritechs
were supposed to only hold 200 rounds of ammo. What good is that? A couple
brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrps and the thing is empty.


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