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>Perhaps, but now that you've mentioned and I started
>to wonder: Dreissen (from ZZ) is the final line of the
>Dom series, yet it still needed a Dodai for
>Earth-bound travel like other MS. By comparing
>Dreissen with Kampfer side-by-side (i know that's
>unfair), it's thruster outputs is obviously superior,
>but this "Dom-hovering / Dreissen with a Dodai" thing
>still troubling me... maybe it just a TV gimmick...

I have to admit, I get confused when it comes to the distinctions bewtwen
the Dom/Rick-Dom/Dom-Tropen, but isn't one of them supposed to have more
powerful leg thrusters just for things like hovering? Since not all of the
Dom were built to hover, it's not really a surprise that the Dreissen
couldn't, especially since the Neo-Zeons focused on space-combat
designs(that's why they recycled old MS for the battles on Earth).


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