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>> I think perhaps that that had something to do with the fact that we
>> looking at a special forces squad, not really general grunts...maybe that
>> means they had access to more goodies?
>I'm not sure I understand this comment. Do you mean overdesigned as in more
>detailed? Most of the mechs look like the old ones only now they don't look
>like rough designs anymore but real machines. I don't see how adding more
>weapons would change the designs of the mechs themselves. I mean, take a
>look at a typical jet fighter. They look simple from far away but when you
>see them up close they have all kinds of crap hanging off them and all sorts
>of access panels and such. But, like I said, I may not be understanding the

        Sorry, but my understanding about overdesigned was that they had so many
weapons and all other sorts of stuff, unlike the simple weapons combos of
the older ones. I've noticed that specialk MS's tend to have either a
really powerful weapon, or have a lot of "goodies" -- all sorts of backup
weapons and abilities.
        I may be wrong, but It's what came to my mind when I was thinking of the
0080 time...I mean, look at the Zaku FZ...grenade launcher/90mm, extra
clips...the Kampfer, which has enough weapons for what seems to be three
MS's. I dunno if I got the ifea of overdesigned right, but that's what I

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