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(Gouf Custom's 35mm triple Gatling pack)
>> I it's basically a support weapon, then,
>> unless it has a far deadlier effect on normal
>> I guess the big gatlings frmo the shield system
>> be pretty nasty.
> ...Range would be another factor, the Gouf would
> probably have an effective range of about 1000m,
> so it really was built with close combat in mind.
> Though given the rate of fire it must pump out, it
> might have made a better anti-aircraft weapon than
> the MS-06K! ^_^

oh i wish that was true :) In the opening of episode
10, when Norris Packard (Gouf's pilot) and his MS
corps were defending the Zeon mountain base, we see
the Doms and Zaku IIs did their anti-Core Booster
duties with their 120mm Zaku machine guns (that's how
desparate they were, and they don't have MS-06K Zaku
Cannon, the real anti-aircraft MS to handle the job),
and Gouf Custom has its unique way to deal with the
CBs by sticking its 'heat rope' to a CB underside &
waste it w/ its triple Gatling pack, or, utilizing
Gouf's excellent jet-assist jumping ability, it jumped
up & slash of a CB's wing w/ its heat sabre.

> The big gatling would be very nasty if the barrels
> really are 75mm calibre for each barrel! ^_^
> (comparison - the Sherman tanks single barrel is
> 76mm, and some Panzers were equipped with a 75mm

Not to mention RX-78NT-1 Gundam Alex's build-in 90mm
3-barrel forearm Gatlings. It fires like those WWII
ship-born machine cannons, but at least they did the
job. Kampfer (r.i.p.) can tell you all about it :) but
i guess that's a border-line case because Kampfer was
lightly-armoured, so how good is Gundam Alex's
gatlings we may never know.

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