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>For that matter, most of the 0080 designs look somewhat overdesigned for
>the era...

        I think perhaps that that had something to do with the fact that we were
looking at a special forces squad, not really general grunts...maybe that
means they had access to more goodies?

>Remember that 0080 takes place entirely inside or near a colony, except
>for the opening sequence and the scenes at Grenada. It's possible that
>the gravity is slightly lighter, allowing the Zaku to hover. However,
>if you look at the specs on the FZ, it has a significantly higher level
>of thrust as well... It's entirely possible that the FZ and the 0083
>Zaku FII, being late 1YW designs, were upgraded to be able to do this...

        Yes, it would be a definie advantage in combat to be able to come up with
lightning quick moves. But it would also mean having special training to
pull it off...

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