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> It would probably be able to chew up things like sensors and
>weapons, but a Gundams body would probably survive okay. I'm not sure
>how good a GMs armour is versus a Gundams armour. Range would be another
>factor, the Gouf would probably have an effective range of about 1000m,
>so it really was built with close combat in mind. Though given the rate
>of fire it must pump out, it might have made a better anti-aircraft
>weapon than the MS-06K! ^_^

        Hmmmm..So it's basically anti-armor, but in the case of gundams, it's
little better than an annoyance, correct?

> The big gatling would be very nasty if the barrels really are
>75mm calibre for each barrel! ^_^ (comparison - the Sherman tanks single
>barrel is 76mm, and some Panzers were equipped with a 75mm gun)

        Ah, so this would be the equivalent of a broadside?

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