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Vincenzo Bruni wrote:
> Edward Ju wrote:
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> > >Does anybody knows the total production number for Gouf? Did it only
> > >appeared in the original TV series and 08MST? Given that it is a
> > >commander/hero-type mecha, was it ever mass produced? Or is it just a
> > >souped up Zaku?
> > >
> > >
> > >Jorge Lee.
> >
> > It was intended to replace the Zaku for MS-to-MS close combat purposes,
> > but was soon replaced by the Dom, so only a limited number was produced.
> > I think Zeon sent most of them into action during the Jaburo invasion.
> >
> > Eddie
> >
> Actually MS Era explains that there was not one "invasion" but several
> attacks along the last part of OYW. Maybe the Zions were searching
> Jaburo for months in the area before Char's discovery of main entrance.
> After all the colony that hit Sydney was intended to destroy the Fed's
> main base, well armored and concealed under a vast jungle.
> And about the isn't a commander type MS. In one episode,
> during Operation:Odessa, the G-Team fought and destroyed a squad of at
> least three Gouf. Maybe the MS-08 started as an officer unit but perhaps
> later was produced for special and strike force squads.
> Bye, Vincenzo

IIRC, this squadron consisted of the surviving members of Ramba Ral's
team, though...

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