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> modification...has this been a big factor in sales, really? I know
for the
> zakus everyone's been doing their own mods since time immemmorial,
> but what about other kits? Also, whilst on the subject, has there
been a
> Zetaplus MG bash/modification?

You see, that's the problem. While the Zeta Plus and Re-GZ are based off
the Zeta and have a lot of the same shapings, they are complete
Especially the Zeta Plus. The Z+ is more rounded and better shaped than
the Zeta. Not to mention the differences in the Gun, shield, nose cone,
legs, and wing sections. It would be far easier to make a modification of
the Zeta into the Re-GZ. All you would really have to do is remove some
of the details and round the kit out a little.

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