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Ramos <gaijin@i-manila.com.ph> writes
>>> Uhm, I'm not a weapons expert, so I have to ask...is a triple 35mm
>>>system really that deadly?
>> Depends what you're firing at.
> The
>>Gouf would certainly be very deadly against lightly armoured vehicles,
>>but its effect on a Gundam, which in the original series, is shown
>>deflecting 120mm rounds, would be doubtful... Cima in 0083 had trouble
>>trying to destroy a Gundam with her triple barrel 110 mm MGs...
> I see....so it's basically a support weapon, then, unless it has a far
>deadlier effect on normal armor. I guess the big gatlings frmo the shield
>system must be pretty nasty.

        It would probably be able to chew up things like sensors and
weapons, but a Gundams body would probably survive okay. I'm not sure
how good a GMs armour is versus a Gundams armour. Range would be another
factor, the Gouf would probably have an effective range of about 1000m,
so it really was built with close combat in mind. Though given the rate
of fire it must pump out, it might have made a better anti-aircraft
weapon than the MS-06K! ^_^
        The big gatling would be very nasty if the barrels really are
75mm calibre for each barrel! ^_^ (comparison - the Sherman tanks single
barrel is 76mm, and some Panzers were equipped with a 75mm gun)


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