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>> Uhm, I'm not a weapons expert, so I have to a triple 35mm
>>system really that deadly?
> Depends what you're firing at. The A-10 Thunderbolt II carries a
>7 barrel 30mm gun that fires rounds the size of milk bottles, and which
>can have a devastating effect on tanks. However, the A-10 mainly aims
>foe the rear or top armour of a tank, which is usually much thinner. The
>Gouf would certainly be very deadly against lightly armoured vehicles,
>but its effect on a Gundam, which in the original series, is shown
>deflecting 120mm rounds, would be doubtful... Cima in 0083 had trouble
>trying to destroy a Gundam with her triple barrel 110 mm MGs...

        I it's basically a support weapon, then, unless it has a far
deadlier effect on normal armor. I guess the big gatlings frmo the shield
system must be pretty nasty.

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