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Edward Ju wrote:
> >Does anybody knows the total production number for Gouf? Did it only
> >appeared in the original TV series and 08MST? Given that it is a
> >commander/hero-type mecha, was it ever mass produced? Or is it just a
> >souped up Zaku?
> >
> >
> >Jorge Lee.
> It was intended to replace the Zaku for MS-to-MS close combat purposes,
> but was soon replaced by the Dom, so only a limited number was produced.
> I think Zeon sent most of them into action during the Jaburo invasion.
> Eddie

Actually MS Era explains that there was not one "invasion" but several
attacks along the last part of OYW. Maybe the Zions were searching
Jaburo for months in the area before Char's discovery of main entrance.
After all the colony that hit Sydney was intended to destroy the Fed's
main base, well armored and concealed under a vast jungle.
And about the isn't a commander type MS. In one episode,
during Operation:Odessa, the G-Team fought and destroyed a squad of at
least three Gouf. Maybe the MS-08 started as an officer unit but perhaps
later was produced for special and strike force squads.
Bye, Vincenzo

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