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>I have just finished watching 0080 War in a Pocket, which I simply
>love. I kinda like the idea of looking at MS warfare from a kid's
>point of view. Anyhow, some questions and comments ...
>1) Great opening scene. The arctic assault seems like some b-grade
>gung-ho war movie.
        Yeah, cool scene. Really shows MSes as a military team, not a
gung-ho super-mecha. =P

>2) Is it just me or does the Kampfer looks like a patlabor mecha,
>namely the Helldiver?

        More liek the Brocken, actually. =)

>3) Where does the German helmet of Zaku FZ appears? I didn't really
>notice it in the anime. Or is it something from the model only?

        AFAIK, one scene only. I only notice it because Nightingale pointed
it out on his website. =)

>4) Does Zaku have the capability to hover like a Dom Troupe? Bernie's
>FZ did in its' battle with Alex. I remember seeing the Africa Corp
>Zaku in 0083 as well the 08MST Zaku doing the hovering thing as well.

        Maybe a retrofit for the FZ? the F version shouldn't be able to do
this, but maybe desert Zakus.. which might explain the 0083 Zakus.

>5) I like the show for having no NewType elements. I always felt that
>NTs were like superhuman heroes that could always get out of a
>impossilbe situation just because they were NTs.

        YEah, that's one thing I like about 0080. No strange Newtype powers
cluttering up the storyline. =P

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