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>This is actually another Gatling package, different
>from the 'Gatling shield' and with smaller calibre
>(35mm) but it's still very powerful, as shown in
>episode 10 of the "08MST" OVA.

Hmmm..That gives me some ideas on how to make it extreme. I think I have a
few long barrel gatlings left in my spares box.

>At first I thought: if this is a regular machine
>cannon, how can a small box-style magazine (located on
>top of the pack) can adequately feed the 3 big barrels
>for even a few seconds of rapid-firing? but then the
>book "Mobile Suit Gundam Data Collection: Side Story
>part 2" (published by Japan's Dengeki Comics, 1999)
>finally give me a satisifying answer: On page 30-31,
>it shows an illustration of a Gouf Custom (by Ryuya
>Yamada) - as viewed from a RX-79(G) "Gundam" cockpit -
>pointing its 3-barrel "package" towards the Gundam.
>The illustration clearly depicts each of the big
>'barrel' consists of a 6-barrel 35-mm Gatling gun. So
>you can think of each barrel is a direct scaled-down
>version of that awesome 75-mm shield-mounted Gatling.
>Now triple that firepower, no wonder this small
>3-barrel package can destroy a Guntank (near the very
>end of the episode) in the OVA.

        Uhm, I'm not a weapons expert, so I have to a triple 35mm gatling
system really that deadly?

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