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> I have just finished watching 0080 War in a Pocket,
> which I simply love. I kinda like the idea of
> at MS warfare from a kid's point of view. Anyhow,
> some questions and comments...
> 3) Where does the German helmet of Zaku FZ appears?
> I didn't really notice it in the anime. Or is it
> something from the model only?

Have a look at this picture:

If you look carefully, this Zaku FZ's head does not
has the 'seam line' surrounding the middle-part of the
head, which is typical for Zaku FZ's regular
'egg-head'. Also in the picture, the top of the 'head'
is shaped more like a helmet than the smooth egg-head,
so this is the only time you see a Zaku FZ wearing a
'German helmet' in the 0080 OVA. I've previously
watched the OVA several times before I come to this

> 4) Does Zaku have the capability to hover like a Dom
> Troupe? Bernie's FZ did in its' battle with Alex. I
> remember seeing the Africa Corp Zaku in 0083 as well

> the 08MST Zaku doing the hovering thing as well.

Remember, all the in-door fighting in 0080 were taken
place inside the space colony, where the gravity can
be varied and adjustable. The best example is when Al
snicked into the spaceport to take pictures of the
NT-1 Alex's cargos, he was literally floating on air
while holding on the slide handle en route. Also, when
Kampfer was moving at high speed in the downtown area,
it was floating on mid-air propelled by its rocket
thrusters. The same thing happened for Bernie's Zaku.
On the Earth atmosphere, though, these space-combat
MSs cannot hover like Dom or Dom Tropen, unless their
equipments were adjusted to do so.

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