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>> On the Gouf Custom, is the three-barrel gun a
>> machinegun or a grenade launcher?
> I've always thought of it as a grenadelauncher,
> but in hindsight, it could be a machine gun...

This is actually another Gatling package, different
from the 'Gatling shield' and with smaller calibre
(35mm) but it's still very powerful, as shown in
episode 10 of the "08MST" OVA.

At first I thought: if this is a regular machine
cannon, how can a small box-style magazine (located on
top of the pack) can adequately feed the 3 big barrels
for even a few seconds of rapid-firing? but then the
book "Mobile Suit Gundam Data Collection: Side Story
part 2" (published by Japan's Dengeki Comics, 1999)
finally give me a satisifying answer: On page 30-31,
it shows an illustration of a Gouf Custom (by Ryuya
Yamada) - as viewed from a RX-79(G) "Gundam" cockpit -
pointing its 3-barrel "package" towards the Gundam.
The illustration clearly depicts each of the big
'barrel' consists of a 6-barrel 35-mm Gatling gun. So
you can think of each barrel is a direct scaled-down
version of that awesome 75-mm shield-mounted Gatling.

Now triple that firepower, no wonder this small
3-barrel package can destroy a Guntank (near the very
end of the episode) in the OVA.

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Shuichi Ikeda (Char Aznable's voice actor),
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