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>>2) Is it just me or does the Kampfer looks like a patlabor mecha,
>>namely the Helldiver?
>It is reminiscent of the Helldiver. It's almost over-designed compared to
>other OYW Zion MS.

        That's true, yah know, the Kampfer really does look patlaborish, but heck,
no patlabor had that much firepower.

>>3) Where does the German helmet of Zaku FZ appears? I didn't really
>>notice it in the anime. Or is it something from the model only?
>It may just be a bonus for the model. I've heard tell that it's supposed to
>represent jerry-rigged repairs to the helmet, but it sure didn't look that
>way in the model instructions.

        I've always wondered aboutthat myself...was it really just a model kit
thing, or did the helmet actually appear in the cartoon? It looks cool
though, and I would say it is better than having the normal head for the FZ.

>>4) Does Zaku have the capability to hover like a Dom Troupe? Bernie's
>>FZ did in its' battle with Alex. I remember seeing the Africa Corp
>>Zaku in 0083 as well the 08MST Zaku doing the hovering thing as well.
>It most likely has rockets in the soles of the feet, which could be used to
>assist in things like sliding down hills. Hovering may be out of the
>question, though.

        So it may be used for quick slide-in attacks, but it's not like the Doms,
which seem to rollerskate into combat....

>>5) I like the show for having no NewType elements. I always felt that
>>NTs were like superhuman heroes that could always get out of a
>>impossilbe situation just because they were NTs.
>>Jorge Lee.
>Gotta love straight, one-on-one MS combat!

        IMHO, it should be like that more than not...there are only so many
newtypes, yah know, and I firmly believe a new type can be taken down by a
good strategist/tactician heading a very disciplined squad of MS's.

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