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>2) Is it just me or does the Kampfer looks like a patlabor mecha,
>namely the Helldiver?

It is reminiscent of the Helldiver. It's almost over-designed compared to
other OYW Zion MS.

>3) Where does the German helmet of Zaku FZ appears? I didn't really
>notice it in the anime. Or is it something from the model only?

It may just be a bonus for the model. I've heard tell that it's supposed to
represent jerry-rigged repairs to the helmet, but it sure didn't look that
way in the model instructions.

>4) Does Zaku have the capability to hover like a Dom Troupe? Bernie's
>FZ did in its' battle with Alex. I remember seeing the Africa Corp
>Zaku in 0083 as well the 08MST Zaku doing the hovering thing as well.

It most likely has rockets in the soles of the feet, which could be used to
assist in things like sliding down hills. Hovering may be out of the
question, though.

>5) I like the show for having no NewType elements. I always felt that
>NTs were like superhuman heroes that could always get out of a
>impossilbe situation just because they were NTs.
>Jorge Lee.

Gotta love straight, one-on-one MS combat!


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