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Most of these VCDs are pirated stuff from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Only
about 10% of the VCDs are produced under license. Most are subtitled
in Chinese while a rare few are actually in English. The quality
varies a lot, ranging from good video clarity to poor images with a
lot of noise.

The good thing about VCDs are the cheap pricing and the fact that you
can actually get EVERY Gundam TV series (even TurnA), OVAs and movies
in VCD format.

Jorge Lee. wrote on Monday July 26, 1999 at 11:27pm:
>hi everyone, i'm new to this list and i've been snopoin around on e-
bay and i
>keep seeing these gundam VCDs of various series for
question is, are
>those things legitimate or are they just rip-offs and if they are
>the video qualities good or poor? thanks!!

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