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>>> In the UC Gundam Framework, Are there any humans
>>> that are Psychic or Otherwise supernaturally
>>> mentaly gifted that are NOT considered newtype?
>>> Something to think on that's opens up a lot of >>>
other questions.
>> There was a group of people called Psychickers in V
>> Gundam, used to generate the psychowave in Angel
>> Halo, but that's it
>> The distinction between Newtype and Psychicker is
>> vague, but it appears to be that Newtypes are aware
>> of and can direct their own abilities, while
>> Psychickers have a latent ability of which they are
>> not truly cognizant...
> Were Sarasa and Rasara (From ZZ, and spelling?) new
> types? Or were they ones with mental abilities that
> aren't classified as New types?

Good point! I tend to think the sisters are the
equivalent of today's psychics, who can forseen future
events but cannot demonstrate psycommu abilities like
the Newtypes did. In ZZ Gundam, if you recall, one of
the sister was killed while protecting Mondo, and she
was crushed to death (iirc, i might be wrong), and she
didn't demonstrate any Newtype tricks (or dare I
mention, Jedi power) to alter the outcome because she
had no such ability.

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